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  What dose a typical installation will look like?


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Watch your favorite network shows for free with a high quality antenna.

An HDTV antenna is the best alternative to cable TV. If you're dropping cable TV, you'll want a powerful antenna. It's easier than ever to get an inexpensive OTA (over the air) HDTV antenna. You can access all the HDTV channels with a proper TV antenna suitable for your area.

Install an antenna indoors, outdoors or in your attics to optimize the digital signal reception. You can find one  designed for the most challenging reception environments. For out doors, chose one with superior construction and tough materials withstand outdoor conditions. They can often be mounted on the same mast that your satellite dish was mounted on. In most cases, the antenna is not much larger than the dish it replaced. 

When you couple a high-quality antenna to signal amplifier (if not already built-in), you are insured a cable-like picture quality without a monthly bill.  

After the antenna installation, you will have to scan for all the available channels, to repopulate the program guide on your TV.

Check each station's reception for video and audio quality. If some stations listed prove to be unwatchable, reposition the antenna and try again.

If too many channels suffer from pixilated video artifacts and stuttering soundtracks (the same sort of distortion experienced on satellite services), you
may may want to invest in a larger antenna outside with an amplifier with higher gain. 








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